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Crime now a day is increasing at a very fast pace. The most challenging task for any individual is to keep him/her and their loved one saves from the shackles of the crime. The government is taking all the necessary measures to curb the crime rate. At an individual level also people are taking necessary steps. All thanks to technology, which has provided us with security cameras. These security cameras act as a third eye to keep the targeted areas safe from intruders. There are a number of security camera manufacturers in the market that offers a different set of features. Out of these, the Vivint Security system has a separate fan base. Apart from its high end features what separates this camera from its competitors is the awesome Vivint Customer service. For any issues related to the Vivint Home Security System, you can take instant help anytime.

Outstanding features of Vivint Camera:


The list is endless when it comes to writing down the features of Vivint Home Security systems. Below mentioned are some of the outstanding features which make this camera stand out of the crowd.

Motion detection: This security system has got a very high sensitivity.  Even the slightest activity in the targeted zone is recorded and an automatic notification will be sent to the user to take necessary action. This feature ensures that even the toughest intruder is not left out of the sharp eye of the camera.

Video Playback: The user has got the provision to record and retrieve the footage of the past 30 days hassle-free. Apart from this, there are multiple flexible viewing options.

HD Recording with zoom function: All the recording in this camera is done in 1080p.  Hence the user will get very clear and HD footage of the targeted area. Apart from this, there are provisions to zoom in and zoom out the recoding. It has got extra-wide lenses which enables the camera to capture a wider area.

Low-cost capacity storage: The charges for increasing storage capacity are very nominal. The user can go ahead and buy a package as per his need and pocket allowance.

Wireless Mode of operation:  One of the most loved features of this camera. There is no hassle of wire here. Being a wireless device, installation and configuration of this device become very easy. Hence even a person who is absolutely layman can install the device and put it to use without any issues and without the need for expert guidance support.

Some common issues related to Vivint Camera

We have listed down some issues which the users have faced in the past. These issues deprive the users of accessing the high-end features of this camera. Getting rid of these issues at times requires the need for expert guidance support. There is a dedicated Vivint support team that is there all the time to provide instant help.

  • Configuration Errors.
  • Sign In Issues.
  • Night Mode not working.
  • Connectivity issues.
  • Black Screen Videos
  • Live Streaming issues.

These issues are there due to the sheer lack of knowledge of the internal functioning of the device. However, there is no need to panic. If there is some issue that you are unable to tackle then you always have the option to contact experts on Vivint Customer service number. An expert will be taking your call and will help you glide through the issue instantly.

Ways to get in touch with experts


The best part is that there are multiple ways through which the user can seek support from the experts. Based on their convenience, the user can go ahead and choose an option to seek support.

Toll-free number:- The easiest and the most preferred option for users to seek support is our toll-free number. The user can dial toll-free number +1-855-969-0086 to seek support. The lines to this toll-free number are open all the time for the convenience of the users.

Email:- Yet another way to contact our experts. Generally, this option is chosen to sort out any queries related to the product. An e-mail expert will be replying with the best possible solution to your problems at the earliest.

Live-chat:- This option is also preferred by users worldwide. You can chat with our expert at any time and get your queries and issue resolved instantly. The chat experts are available at your service round the clock.