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To keep oneself and your loved ones free from the claws of crime, there are a number of security cameras in the market. These security cameras act as a third eye that keeps a sharp eye on the zone targeted. Stats show that there is a marked decrease in the rate of crime ever since the people have started deploying security cameras. Reolink is one of the leading brand names in the field of surveillance system providers. There is an endless list of features that makes this device amongst the most preferred ones. Apart from this, another reason why Reolink security cameras are so popular amongst users worldwide is the prompt support that is provided to the users when they need it. A dedicated Reolink Support team is at the service of the customer round the clock. You need to dial the toll-free number to get in touch with them.

Out of the box features of Reolink Security Camera:

Reolink has surpassed all in terms of features that are imbibed into a compact space. It has more features than what a user wishes for. Below mentioned are some of the key features that separate this from the clutter in the market.

Weather Resistant

No matter it is raining or cloudy outside, the camera is will be operational all the time. This ensures 100% security all the time.

Stable Wi-Fi and No Signal Interference

An additional advantage of using this camera is the long-distance wireless range. Utmost care has been taken to ensure the least signal interference issues while recording and live streaming.

Pan & Tilt Feature:

While using this camera, the user can pan and tilt the camera. This ensures maximum coverage of the zone that a user wishes to target.

Two-Way Talk Feature:

This feature allows the user to talk to the person on the other side remotely. In case of emergencies, this can be a very handy feature.

High-Quality Night Vision

No matter if it is dim light or deep dark, this camera will provide the user with HD quality footage of the targeted zone all the time. This ensures that no intruder is missed out even during the night.

5MP or 1440p Super HD Video Monitoring

As high as 1440p recording feature is available in this camera. Hence a user will get a crystal clear view of the targeted zone as well as while streaming live.

Easy Camera Setup

Available in wireless variants and with the feature of plug and option available, putting the device to use is very easy. Even a layman can put the device to use hassle-free.

Network Video Recorder (NVR) for 24/7 Recording

Reolink offers 16-channel and 8-channel NVR compatibility. This ensures enhanced and extended monitoring of the targeted zone.

Instant Motion Detection

Motion detection features are imbibed into this camera. Any activity in the targeted zone will be captured and an alert message will be sent to the user. Due to high sensitivity, even the slightest activity will be captured in the targeted area.

Some common issues related to Reolink Camera

Even though rare, but there can be some issues that can render you from accessing the high-end features of this camera. Have a look into these, however, there is no need to panic. There is a dedicated Reolink Tech Support team which is there to help you always.

  • Night Mode not working issue.
  • Connectivity with NVR.
  • Black Screen Videos while recording.
  • Live Video Streaming issues.

These issues are even though rare but require expert guidance support. There is no need to panic here. There is a dedicated Reolink customer service team that is at the disposal of the customer round the clock.

The are multiple ways to get in touch with our experts. Based upon your convenience, the user can choose any to seek instant help. Expert care at the service all the time so there are no timing constraints.

Ways to get in touch with our experts



Toll-free number:- The fastest, easiest and most preferred way of seeking support is our toll-free number. The user can dial toll-free Reolink phone number +1-855-969-0086 to seek support. The lines to this Reolink support number are open all the time for the convenience of the users.

Email:- An e-mail expert will be replying with the best possible solution to your problems at the earliest. Yet another way of contacting our experts. However, this can be a good option if you have any queries related to service warranty, etc.

Live-chat:- Users have the option to chat with an agent. The chat experts will help you get rid of any issues over chat only or else will arrange a callback to serve you in a better way.