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Security cameras have become an inevitable part of life today. The crime rate is increasing at a very fast pace and keeping oneself and your nearest and dearest secured is on top priority in the list of any individual out there. There are a number of security camera manufacturers in the market. These manufacturers have left no stone unturned to provide a camera that meets the expectations of the users fully. Reolink leads the chart here. Almost all the features that a person looks for, is present in this camera. Integrated with a Reolink App, this camera is one of the best surveillance systems available in the market. In the guide that follows, we have mentioned some key features which make this device the best in its category. Apart from this camera is available to work in a wireless variant so installation and configuration become very easy.

Features of Reolink Camera

Below mentioned are some of the outstanding features of this camera which makes it the top choice of users worldwide. Have a look into the same:

Wireless Mode:

Available in wireless variant, the process of installation is very easy. Nominal drilling and minimum wiring are required. Hence putting this device into use is very easy. This camera is ideal where cabling is tough. To ease out the way of operation furthermore, there is a handy Reolink App for PC to let the user manage and customize the settings of this camera.

Smart Pan & Tilt Feature

This feature ensures that every part of the targeted area is covered. Additionally, the user can speak through a two-way audio feature in this camera remotely.

Stable Wi-Fi and No Signal Interference

This camera is widely known for long-distance wireless range. Apart from this signal interference issue that is world-class.

1440p or 5MP Super HD Video Monitoring

Going one step further, this camera allows the users to record and retrieve the footage in 1440p or 5MP super high resolution. This ensures that you get the best footage view of the targeted zone. You can access this footage via Reolink Desktop App also.

High-Quality Night Vision

Reolink camera offers the users to record and retrieve the footage in HD even during the night. This ensures that the user is secure even during the night.

DIY Wi-Fi Security Camera Setup

A wireless IP camera offers a plug and plays feature. The users don’t have to go through the hassle of configuration. With plug and play feature you can out the device to use instantly.

Reolink NVR for 24/7 Recording

Reolink cameras works hassle-free without any issues with its 16-channel or 8-channel network video recorder for 24*7 monitoring of the zone targeted. You can manage all the cameras through a single app. Just download Reolink App for windows and you can manage all the cameras in a single go.

Instant Motion Detection

Reolink camera offers a very high-grade sensitivity. Any kind of activity in the targeted zone is instant to capture and an alert message will be sent to the user. The best part is that a user can perform Reolink App download and can access live mobile view while on the go. For getting the app on your mobile you will have to go to play store and perform Reolink Download.

Weatherproof functionality

This camera is resistant to weather. No matter it is raining or cloudy outside, the user will get clear footage all the time. Hence a user can rest assure about security all the time.

The list will go on and on if we start mentioning features of this camera. Supported with Reolink App for windows 10, the footage or live stream can be accessed from anywhere.

To know more or for any queries related to Reolink Camera or Reolink App windows, you can speak to our experts on our toll-free number +1-855-969-0086. The experts are at your disposal all the time to ensure a hassle-free device experience and 100% security all the time.

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