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In today’s world where the crime rate is increasing day by day, the need for security has become a must. Security cameras act as a third eye and keep you secured all the time. With the advancement in technologies more and more features are being added to ensure that a person within the radar of the camera is secured all the time. There is a noticeable decrease in the rate of crime with the increasing deployment of security cameras. There is a huge number of security camera service providers in the market that offers more or less the same set of features. What separates the best ones from the other is the post-sales services offer to customers when they need it. This is where the Lorex camera outruns his competitors. Lorex customer service is at the disposal of the customer 24*7 to get them out of issues with the camera.

A dedicated Lorex support team is sitting especially to help the people with any issues with the camera. Not only the issues, but the experts also educate the customer about how to extract maximum benefits from their camera. They don’t have to waste time unnecessarily and go through lengthy manuals. Just connect to our expert via our toll-free number and they will give you a detailed solution to your issues.

Outstanding features of Lorex Security Camera

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Lorex is a leading brand name in the field of security cameras. This camera has earned its reputation. People from all across the globe prefer to use this camera because of the outstanding feature imbibed into a compact space. It has got everything in it which a Lorex customer Service looks for. Have a look into its world-class features to ensure that you get the best out of it.

Ease of Installation:

Deploying the concept of Do It Yourself (DIY), the process of installation is refined to such an extent that a person with little or absolute no knowledge of networking products can install and put the device to use with the need for expert guidance support.

Be it wire or wireless variant, the installation process can be carried out by anyone hassle-free.

Weather Resistant Functionality:

Keeping in mind the importance of round the clock security of our customers, the cameras are manufactured in such a way that they are resistant to any weather conditions. Once properly set up and these cameras keep on working irrespective of the weather conditions. Hence whether it is raining heavily, snowfall or whatever this camera will be working all the time.

 Night Vision:

To ensure that you and your loved ones are protected all the time, there is proper provision for recording the footage even under dim or low light conditions. The camera is going to record the footage the same way it records in the proper light. This ensures that no intruder will miss out even during the night also. This feature of Lorex technology is one thing that puts this camera way above its competitors.

Vandal Resistant Designs :

The vandal-resistant design enables the camera to look after itself all alone. Some of the cameras feature IK10 ratings in vandal proofing.

There are two variants of the Lorex Surveillance camera available in the market. Dome-shaped design camera and bullet-shaped design camera. Both of these capture footage in HD quality. Depending upon his/her pocket allowance, everyone has one to choose from. The list of features is endless.

Lorex Support


Keeping in mind the importance of time and security, these cameras under a rigorous process of checkup to ensure that users don’t have to bear the pain and they are protected all the time. However, it is a technical product issue are inevitable. Hence to assist the people with any issues or to educate the user on how to extract maximum benefits out of this camera, a dedicated team of experts is at your service round the clock. You just need to dial our toll-free number +1-855-969-0086 to get in touch with our experts and they will help you glide through any issues that you may be facing. The experts will help you out of the box to get rid of the issues.

Owing to the awesome support provided by our experts, the Lorex Customer Service team has been rated the best by a pool of happy customers worldwide.