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How to fix Arlo Motion Detection Not Working


No one stands anywhere close to the Arlo camera taking into account the features imbibed into such a compact space. With multiple options to choose from, a person can get the best one which matches his requirements. Motion detection is one such awesome feature that makes this camera stand way ahead of its competitors. Even the slightest activity in the targeted zone of the camera is recorded and an alert signal is sent to the user along with the video clip on the registered email ID. Even though rare, but at times there can be some issues that can render you from accessing these features of the camera. In this article, we have mentioned troubleshooting tips to resolve Arlo Camera Not Detecting Motion. Follow this guide from tip to toe to get rid of these issues without the need for expert guidance.


How to check the Setting of Motion detection feature?


 Before proceeding ahead with any conclusion related to issues with motion detection, cross-check whether your settings are up to the mark or not.


You have two options here, one is via the web interface and the other is via mobile app. Have a look at the method which deploys the app. A simple five-step process goes like this:


Download and Launch the Arlo app.


Next, log in to your Arlo account and go to ‘Menu’


Tap on the Base station


Choose ‘Edit’ button of ‘Armed’


Check the motion detection setting of each camera manually.


Troubleshooting Arlo Camera Motion Detection Not Working issue:


Now that you have checked the setting of the Arlo camera manually, follow these troubleshooting tips to get rid of this issue.


1.Camera Position: The position of the camera plays a vital role in capturing the motion in the targeted area. The camera has to at the right height and right angles so that it can capture the footage properly. If you have any doubts regarding this get in touch with our experts and they will help you in extracting maximum benefits.


  1. Enable the Activate Option: Most of the time, this is the reason behind the occurrence of this issue. There is a need to activate the motion detection feature from our end. To do this first go to the Arlo app and log in to your account with your registered email id and password. Then check whether the motion detection feature is enabled or not. If not then enable it. Your camera will start detecting motion once you are done with it.


  1. Check Your Registered Email ID: Chances are high that you have input the wrong email id. The camera sends the recorded footage on your registered email Id and nowhere. Cross verify this once to be doubly sure.


Arlo camera motion detection


Applying these steps, 95% of the time you will get rid of the issue that you are facing. However even after this if you are facing Arlo Motion Detection not working, then also there is no need to panic.


A dedicated team of highly experienced professionals is at the disposal of Arlo camera users round the clock to assist then with any issues that they are facing. You just need to dial toll-free number +1 855 969 0086 to get in touch with an expert and resolve Arlo Motion Detection Not Working issue. Owing to the awesome support our experts have been rated the best by users worldwide.


Alternatively, you can go ahead and chat with an expert for instant support over chat or mark an mail. A mail expert will help you over mail. They will get back to you ASAP, however, the TAT here is around 24 hours.

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