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A Base Station is an essential part of Arlo Camera. It acts as a bridge that connects the Arlo camera to home Wi-Fi connection. This allows you to access the features of the camera via Arlo App.  Furthermore, a base station helps to enhance the battery life of an Arlo camera and also helps to sustain the battery for a longer duration. The process of establishing a connection between the base station and the camera is no big deal. However, at times, this process may appear tough for the user having no information about the internal technicalities. Error in establishing a connection leads to what is referred to as Arlo Base Station Offline. In this article, we have mentioned the possible reasons behind the occurrence of the issues and how to get yourself out of it. Follow this guide to resolve the Arlo Camera Offline issue, one that is the most reported issue by users worldwide.

Advantages of Arlo Camera

Below mentioned are some of the key features because of which Arlo Camera is one of the most preferred choices of users worldwide. Have a look into its world-class features.

  • The hassle-free wireless mode of operation.
  • Night Mode Enabled.
  • Cloud Storage space of 1 GB for 7 days.
  • Easy to set up and install.
  • App-enabled cameras.
  • Weatherproof.

And the list continues.

Reasons for the occurrence of Arlo Base Offline issue

The reason behind the occurrence Arlo Base Station Offline is required to be understood first. The reason behind this issue is generally the lack of knowledge of the device’s internal mechanism. As you scroll down, you will see that we have listed down the common reasons for the occurrence of the Arlo offline issue.

Slow Internet Speed:

This is generally the main reason behind the Arlo device offline. Hence there is a need to check the internet speed. Slow internet speed will render your base station from working.

Wrong or Improper Configuration:

Yet another reason which leads to Arlo Device offline issue. There is a need to do proper configuration so as enjoy the features of this device. Refer to the manual to check out the proper way or else you can contact our expert.

Outdated Firmware Issue:

At times outdated firmware can be an issue behind this issue. Update your router’s firmware properly. Once you are done with updating, try connecting your camera again. 99% of the time the base station will start working.

Once you are sure that the above reasons are not the ones because of which Arlo Device is offline. Go ahead and follow the advance troubleshooting steps to see if things go in your favor.

Advance troubleshooting tips to resolve “Arlo Camera Is Offline” issue

Reboot Base Station:

This is the most common and the trick that has the highest success rate while resolving this issue.  To perform the process of the reboot, unplug the power socket. Wait for 30 sec and reconnect it again. Check if the power LED starts blinking ( solid green). A yes here indicates that the base station is now properly connected.

Check Power Adapter:

The power adapter should be properly connected to the source. Loose connections may lead to Arlo base station offline. Make sure the connection is proper here.

Check Port Number 80 and 443:

For proper functioning port numbers, 80 and 443 should be open to the router.

Reset Arlo Base Station

Arlo Camera Ofline

When nothing seems to be working, then the last option is to reset the base station to bring it to out of the box condition. You can now go ahead and configure the device like a new one. However “ How To Reset Arlo Camera” may require the help of an expert.

To enjoy the high-end features of Arlo Camera, there is a need to get rid of the Arlo base station offline issue. We have mentioned possible ways to resolve this issue. However even after this, if you are still facing issues then there is no need to worry. A dedicated technical expert team with years of exposure from the industry is at the disposal of the customers round the clock. The customers just need to dial toll-free number +1-855-969-0086 to get in touch with an expert and avail instant help. The experts will lead you from the front and will guide you through the process to ensure an enhanced experience. Alternatively, you can avail of help from our chat experts also.

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